Passionate about the conservation of life, Simone Guimaraes explores the beauty of wildlife, nature and humans. From endangered species to threatened oceans and humanitarian crisis across the globe, art becomes the means to social and environmental consciousness.

Her mixed media technique is a connection between technology and craft. Much like the causes she explores and their interconnection, what starts as a pencil drawing takes shape digitally just to return to its non-digital state with acrylic, ink and other fine art mediums.  In a world of high-tech and “low-touch” society, the artist conveys the importance human touch still holds in a technological driven culture, purposely interrupting the digital process as a reminder that we have to “physically” do more to coexist with wildlife, nature and each other.


Ten per cent from sales of Simone’s artwork is donated to organizations around the world in support of wildlife, humanitarian and environmental causes. 

Since 2016, the following organizations have been recipients of this initiative: Oceana, UNHCR, WWF, Friends of the Earth (FOE), Rhinos Without Borders, Survival International, Polar Bears International, Australian Koala Foundation and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.


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