Bighorn Ram (SOLD)


Mixed Media and acrylic on wood panel

Year: 2018

Size: 36 x 36 inches | 91 x 91 cm


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Big horn sheep inhabit alpine meadows, rocky cliffs and foothills throughout the Rocky Mountains from southern Canada to Colorado. Male sheep are called rams and can be recognized by their huge, brown horns. Active during the day, they feed on grasses and shrubs in the morning hours. Big horn sheep have exceptional eyesight and are capable of seeing up to two miles away. They are at risk from habitat loss and illegal hunting. Hunting and diseases caught from domestic sheep, such as pneumonia and scabies, diminished the herds and isolated them from one another.

Ten percent from the sale of this original work donated to WWF.

From the series: Endangered Species: A Tribute to Andy Warhol